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Upcoming Inspections

You can apply without inspecting. If you wish to see the house, please come to our inspection times listed below:

  • No available inspections? - Check on Tuesday to Friday.
  • We don't offer private inspections.


See Upcoming Inspections


Rental Application

Application Tips:

To ensure your application is the best it can be, provide:

  1. 100 points of ID - So we can make sure you are who you claim to be.
  2. Rental history - We mainly check that you paid the rent on time and were easy to work with.
  3. Recent pay slips and bank statements - To ensure that you have reliable income.
  4. References from past landlords and employers

Please provide as much detail as possible.


Apply Online (Recommended)

Simply fill your details once and apply to your desired property.


Apply Through Snug

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