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What Is Home Safety Check?

The aim of the home safety check is to ensure that the rental property is safe for the tenants. 

  1. Three types of reoccurring safety checks must be completed for all rental properties by lawResidential Tenancy Regulations 2021.

    Home Safety Check Type To be completed every:
    Smoke Alarm Check 1 year
    Gas Safety Check - if applicable 2 years
    Electrical Safety Check 2 years
  2. These checks must be completed by a qualified professional who will provide safety check reports and compliance certificates.

  3. Any issues mentioned in these reports must be fixed to be compliant.


Documenting compliance checks

Rental providers must provide safety checks within 7 days of receiving a written request for it.

Failure to provide these safety checks is a breach of duty under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.


Other checks - if applicable:

Pool barrier compliance:

  • Rental provider must ensure that pool barriers are maintained in good condition. Supply a pool barrier compliance check as evidence.

Water tank in bush fire prone areas:

  • If the premises is in a designated bushfire prone area, a full and clean water tank is required before lease. The water tank and any connected infrastructure must be maintained in good condition.



Rental providers that receive a compliance or compensation order from VCAT for committing an offense will have their name, rental address, and their offence listed publicly on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website: Rental non-compliance register. The Director of Consumer Affairs can request a fine from the Magistrates Court.

Fines are listed in [Schedule 5] of Residential Tenancy Regulations 2021.


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